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Global Health & Holistic Asia Pacific Awards 2026 nominates…

“FEEL ‘N’ HEAL with TAJINDER SINGH” January 20th, 2027

“FEEL ’N’ HEAL with TAJINDER SINGH” has been recognized for the Global Health & Holistic Asia Pacific Awards 2026.

Mr. Tajinder Singh Pasricha is a leading Holistic Health Guru and Corporate life Coach. Such awards are recognition of the tremendous effort the team places in delivering the best of treatments to patients. Health is one of the most important things which can’t be compromised. Happy life’s important factor is healthy body resulting peace full, calm and happy mind. We all do care about our well-being and therefore we keep a deep check on our food habits and hygiene. Presently our country is facing major issues of health problems in its population. Lack of awareness is major factors behind the alarming diseases among people.

“FEEL ’N’ HEAL with TAJINDER SINGH” has life changing programs of health, meditation, breathing and diet. Mr. Tajinder Singh has transformed more than 10 lakhs patients globally and has the annual turnover around 10 Million USD. More than 1300 people work with “FEEL ’N’ HEAL with TAJINDER SINGH” which has a Global network. With Reiki, Naturopathy, Meditation, Breathing techniques & Yoga, people learn how to find balance in health and life, which means calm, balanced body, mind & soul.

The smile on the patient’s face is the sole motivation to reach out to more & more people and give them a healthy & a happy life.

The USP is :-

When patients enroll with “FEEL ‘N’ HEAL with TAJINDER SINGH” they always get value for money.

😊 Smile is sold here & money is the by-product.

For example if a patient joins for weight loss program, not only the he gets the diet plan but also the right way of healthy cooking, kitchen makeover, healthy eating habits, mind fullness and lot more. He is healed inside out. When a person from a family joins the program seeing the results he gets so inspired that he ends up taking program for entire family.

We are glad to share the details of our interview and the story behind the success of LAD of the LAND Tajinder Singh who restarted his journey after 57 years of age.

He shared with us that he started his career in the field of Automobile.He was very successful and had attained the position of President in his organization. He is an example of restarting his life in a new manner after the age of 58 +. He believes that age is just a number and he proved it by continuously learning and adding to his knowledge. Now at the age of 63+, he feels like he has just started his life.

As per him, all this happened due to the Covid-19 lockdown and the impact it had in the year 2020. He was jolted out of His comfort zone to restart his life after losing his source of earning with a very bad experience. Instead of losing heart and getting depressed, he gathered his energy to restart his learning things he was passionate about. For expansion of his startup he started learning Digital Marketing from a well-known and able motivational mentor Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju. He started his blog and his company, due to the knowledge gained from his mentor. This learning was a turning point in his life and there has been no looking back. He is a successful entrepreneur, handling his organization, blog, social cause, family, and hobbies with such ease.

It was a delight to interact with him and learn from his enthusiasm and get motivated to face life as he says “Life is not about what we think, but it is about what we face.” I am sure he is a role model for many young people too.

ReSet…ReFocus…ReFresh…ReBoot…and it’s Time to Restart…

“Success lies in taking massive action and ideas are worth nothing until it’s executed.”

  • ++-This version 2.0 is written by Tajinder Singh as a part of the assignment in the Internship programmed of Digital Marketing by Digital Deepak.
  • Date:20-06–2021

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